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Thanks to all of our buyers and for the fantastic comments received from you here and on Twitter. We do our best to bring you current, relevant information on how to make your life on Twitter easier (and successful). You may have found it impossible to receive assitance from Support or from other Users, simply because people are not "seeing" your tweets... even though YOU see them, your audience may be limited for one of many possible reasons. 

We've spent the past ten years on Twitter and share with you in our ebooks what we've learned. We bought all the early books on how to find success on the platform but through the years found they had become completely irrelevant with the changes in the algorithm, software glitches, etc... 

We are not techies; we worked to understand the tech articles and experts we consulted with, so we could share our information with you. We hope you find these two ebooks useful.




What Is Wrong With Twitter, sequel to last summer's Amazon Bestseller, Twitter Surviving Change, is a quick-read eBook packed with solid information on the New Twitter (released in July). We've been on the platform with our writing and publishing accounts for ten years now. We love Twitter but not the way it's going in some directions; this book details problematic areas especially for authors and promoters and provides valuable suggestions on how we can make Twitter a better place for all of us. 

We briefly cover the new desktop interface and show you how, with tweaks, navigation is faster; you will also learn how your Settings and Privacy options have changed, how to check them and make informed choices for your data sharing, and why you should do this first on Twitter. This was one of the most surprising discoveries for us: how the platform "infers" our identity...Every thing you do on the platform works towards  your Identity Build. 

We also include must-read coverage of the new Rules, what constitutes "spam" on the site now, how to adjust your data settings accordingly, and much, much more.

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Twitter Surviving Change... eBook still available worldwide!

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